I let out a soft cry

Onto my melancholy pillow

I’d rather have the thought of you

To hold against my heart


I stand here watching you

So far away from me

I’d rather have the dream of you

With faint stars glowing


Pain is unseen

Daggers on my rainy days

I’d rather suffer the undying longing

The rich, elusive taunt of you


When will our silver-star shine?

Our paths are so endlessly long and aimless

Will you ever let me go?

Just like nameless winds slowly fading away


Every wound stings like fire

A destined journey to its finality

It’s like wings unfolded

Yet never allowed to fly


Only within the nothing lies the answer

My heart raced as I watch you stare into the faded light

A lost soul, I truly love

Behind a mask doth hide



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