Phantasm Plus 1

A block of heavy rock is pounding me in the chest. My eyes are shedding too much, feels like the sockets want to fall out of my face. I have never been ashamed of my tears… Sadness comes in great waves. I am weeping. I needed comfort. I’m so tired of being strong. I wanted to be foolish. Frightened for once! Just for a while. For a day… An hour. No mask can hide it any longer. I am miserable. I am a prism through which sadness is divided into its infinite spectrum. Sorrow is deeply pumping my heart. I can’t breathe! Slowly, I feel I’m dying. I’m just waiting to see my soul getting out of my body, and then… I woke up. I was having a nightmare! I wondered why the alarm clock is not annoyingly ringing yet. I looked at the time… Strike two, I over slept. I smiled. Funny, the splendid irony of a dream and reality, in equal measures.


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