Ad astra… To the stars.

Healing feels like wind against the face when wings are flying through air… Wiping away tears, mending each wound, and every ache. Indeed the scar is a sign of healing, of moving on, of letting go. It’s where the light had entered into our beings. Forgive and forget who’ve hurt you in the past, but keep remembering, how much the pain almost took everything away from you, and how it helped you be stronger. A constant reminder… Never again. In retrospect, this is the gift of learning, the year 2012 embedded in me.

A few days before the new Chinese calendar enter our spheres… It’ll be The Year Of The Water Snake. Today is a good day to go back to writing, my heart’s haven. Here, I’m home. It’s been more than a month since my last post. Intentional on my part, I wanted to be so active on Twitter, and specifically see its effect on me. I’ve realized two things, first is what I’ve already figured out long since I started tweeting, that, Twitter is a great tool for amassing information, both factual, and society’s absurdities. Quite interesting, I’m hooked on some bizarre scandals which I followed on sports, celebrities, and politics. Other than that, they (by reading blogs/links) feed me so much material to read when I can’t sleep. But sadly, most stories are for entertainment purposes only. I tweeted a lot about animals, that part is so dear to my heart, and will do more if I get a chance. And the second realization is that, Twitter is not for me. I am a restless soul… Ok, like other Geminis, we’re constantly craving for change, for challenges, for something new. If it’ll be the same thing each day, day in and day out, you can count me out, sorry. That’s the reason why sometimes I do Twitter breaks for 3-5 days. Just to have some new perspective. No, I’m not taking it so seriously, I know it’s a tool for social networking and whatever the tweeter wants to tweet, but, there are also people like me, who prefer a one on one connection, or rather… Personal interactions. This is my goal this year, other than spending so much time with my phone, and tablet, I will go out of my way to meet people. That’s what we’re missing on Twitter, the handshake, the eye to eye contact, and the feel-good warmth of a real hug. Sometimes “social networking addicts,” fail to connect personally. So used to just typing thoughts into 140 characters, or less, that they tend to forget, the word sincerity. We’re gifted with a beautiful, amazing surroundings. It’s time to go out, smell the fresh air, listen to the chirping of birds, dreamy-marveling the moon, and of course, what I love most… Counting the stars which are perfectly scattered on the ever mesmerizing vast of a sky. We have an amazing world, I would want to enjoy it to its fullest. So, if you see me around, wandering, wave please! I want to know more of you. Who knows? We can be good friends, for life! By the way… Do you have a Viber account, or a WhatsApp on your phone? They can be a good tool to start the chit-chats… Haha! Yes, I know! We can never fully turn our back to technology. We just need to be meticulous on choosing what would really make our lives easier without sacrificing basic human connection. There’s nothing really wrong with social networking. These tools make it easier, especially for families like mine who have members all over the world. We stay connected because of these applications. And I’m so thankful for that! So… Beam me up, any time you feel like it.



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