Gypsy Worn Out Shoes


Within the expressions of being
Within the eyes of mercy
A shadow is standing
At the edge of a dream
A lost soul
My own

Do not doubt the rapture
You can’t see
You can’t hear
You can’t smell
You can’t feel
Darkness intoxicating, I

Spirits chant
Loud, louder, loudest
Deafening hallow voices
Send me anywhere
Anywhere I belong

Try to get away
Faces of the very sorrowful
Or the very wise
Sucking up, everything
Everything that’s real

Blurred out maze
A map to my soul, faded
Forever sealed
Into a mask of a smile
I’m just another vagabond
Lost to love

Elusive wanderer
Walking centuries
A million miles from nowhere
The past beckons my present
Each time taking a wrong turn
To get to the right place

Hail to thee
My gypsy worn out shoes
Your sole of pain, healing
Your sole of deception, forgiveness
Your sole of pride, humility
Your sole of rejection, acceptance
Balance, beauty, and benevolence
Deserving of my journey

Wanderess, wanderess
The soul, my little wings
The heart, my only compass
Lying my way to the stars
Run, run, run
Will never stop running
Till I end up
Running back to myself


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