Mariposa /ˈbətərˌflī/


Hearts and souls and dances / a lifted chin and crooked smile / miracle of a second chance / a wing of hope / the birth of a butterfly.

Waits a lifetime
Every exit
Is an entrance to somewhere else
Leap before you look
What’s probable is changed
Impossible is possible
Love, a matter of chance
Never a matter of choice

In a heartbeat
Seize the opportunity
Or just miss it
A chance never approaches
It’s the hope within the heart
Magnetize the impossible
Unbiased witness to metamorphosis

Calculated risks
Exposing the heart on the line
Take it, or walk away with nothing
Being safe is the nature of evil
Countless possibilities
But only one comes true

Being vulnerable
Is a door within
To self-destruction
A hazard to soul’s security
A worthy gamble
No more what ifs
No more second nor minute
That’ll pass in regret

In a flash
Time disappears
A heartless enemy
Never giving a second chance
Dreaming, I
Waits till the moon turns pink
Grabbing, taking
Giving, having
No one is alive to wait forever

Illuminated soul
Stuck in a chrysalis
A beauty of obscene fluttering
Corrupting my senses into darkness
Colour pattern of my wings, blinding
Will the wings ever soar?

I can’t forever pretend I can’t fly
As free as a bird
As fierce as a tiger
I am bursting forth
Flying away
I’ll find my way home
In the deepest realm of my heart
I am a flying flower
I am a butterfly


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