Soul’s Calm Retreat


Quiet space
In a small hidden door
The dream of rainbows

Sanctum of the soul
Greatest peril
To get what is seek

The color of the soul
Soul piercing beauty

Unspeakable riches
Internal landscape
A sweet fable ends

Just as a mirror
Reflects all things

A search, a journey
Till laughter overflows
I will be back


Venerdì Santo – A Reflection


Shudders at a void
Nothing much to say
Words fall asleep
Emptiness, nothingness
So freaking loud

Humid breeze embracing
Sunbeams a-blinding
In an angry cloudless sky
I closed my eyes
Stop, listen
As the world begins to whisper

Wordly promises seduce the soul
Twisted into every shape and form
The light penetrates the realm of truth
In its ultimate stillness
Revealing a sacrifice of life
A man died on the cross for love

The Crucifixion
Unspoken veneration
A refuge, a rest
A healing place
Its miracle speaks
Feel the pain of humanity in it

The echo of suffering
Simple, yet enormously complex
Soundless screams in every heartbeat
The Redeemer’s unconditional love lives
If only man would shut up, and listen…
Heaven is always within