In your arms… 

To wake up in your arms

In the warmth of your breathing

Perhaps is the the only thing I need

My heart’s vibration of precise

It is me about you…

Our sunrise

Our sunset

Our twin hearts


In your embrace

I am home​


Flowers For Me On The Eve Of My Birthday


I am only one
But I am one

I am my life
And nothing else

All I hear is symphony
The orchestra of my soul

I am grounded
Quietly consistent

Alone, one
But many women are in me

Through my eyes
The universe is perceiving itself

Through my ears
The universe is listening to its harmonies

I can’t be lost
I found myself

Solitude is within myself
Joy is the feeling

Focus, risks
I dare to liberate myself

Endures, wins
The wild struggle for existence

Tranquil, silence
Truest speech possible

I buried the past, I live the present
I welcome the future

I am a mirror
Reflecting my image to my own eyes

I have cried, laughed
Blinded, now I see clearly

Cut off my head
Like a dragon, it’ll grow back double

The most beautiful soul of the universe
I honor and celebrate me

I stand up for who I am
The divine sparks in me

Who am I?
A sun with infinite sunbeams pointing in all directions

I am me
No matter what, I’m still me

Ultimately the truth…
“The square root of I is I.”



Free in her wildness
The heroine of your life

Independent will
Deeper instinct

Doubt that I’m naive
Believe my toughness

I forgive, yes
I never forget

Yeah, a bitch
Only because I know what I want

Child of the universe
I belong nowhere

Beauty is my treasure
Wit is my power

I’m no angel
Just a celestial being with a comforting hug

A good girl wrapped up in a bad girl, or
A bad girl wrapped up in a good girl

Unapologetically me
My true sense of beauty

My heart’s whole existence

Never, ever forget
I am a woman