Holding You, By Graham John Duffy

Everything about you I hold

Your gaze

Looking in deeply and yet both looking outward  in the same direction

Your hand

Warmth and friendship, deep trust linked in each others fingers deep love etched on our hearts

Your mind

I stand in awe in the vast temples of your great seas of knowledge forever ebbing and flowing in my reflections

Your heart

As one we beat, as one we love, deeper than oceans and boundless in our cosmic dance 

Our future 

I hold so dear, the culmination of all these things together as one as heartm8s

I love you Alice Mercado ❤️❤️❤️​


As One, By Graham John Duffy

The sea starts everywhere

waves that wash smiles upon my shores

also lap on yours

gentle, rocking, in sync with all time.

The sky starts everywhere

My clouds dispersed in sunbeams

reflected in soft brown eyes

gentle, gazing, in sync with all time.

The earth starts everywhere

leaves that fall from my tree

lie softly at your feet

gentle, fluttering, in sync with all time.

The world sits in my heart

as your heart sits in my world

universal, eternal, bonded in stars

friends as one, in sync with all time.

7/4… Photos And Words By Him, For Me

I stood in the garden tonight,

The sky was cloudy and grey,

It was then I noticed a gap in the greyness,

Where the sky was so blue

And I thought of you.

The flowers smiled and swayed

in the gentle embrace I gave you,

your hair, carefully laid to one side

as I kissed your forehead through

the blue, the oh so blue sky.

As I reached around you and held you tightly

in my smile, the sun came out to play,

The birds began a lullaby and the greyness

faded in the blissful sleep we fell into,

woken only by a kiss. ♥​

Flowers For Me On The Eve Of My Birthday


I am only one
But I am one

I am my life
And nothing else

All I hear is symphony
The orchestra of my soul

I am grounded
Quietly consistent

Alone, one
But many women are in me

Through my eyes
The universe is perceiving itself

Through my ears
The universe is listening to its harmonies

I can’t be lost
I found myself

Solitude is within myself
Joy is the feeling

Focus, risks
I dare to liberate myself

Endures, wins
The wild struggle for existence

Tranquil, silence
Truest speech possible

I buried the past, I live the present
I welcome the future

I am a mirror
Reflecting my image to my own eyes

I have cried, laughed
Blinded, now I see clearly

Cut off my head
Like a dragon, it’ll grow back double

The most beautiful soul of the universe
I honor and celebrate me

I stand up for who I am
The divine sparks in me

Who am I?
A sun with infinite sunbeams pointing in all directions

I am me
No matter what, I’m still me

Ultimately the truth…
“The square root of I is I.”



Free in her wildness
The heroine of your life

Independent will
Deeper instinct

Doubt that I’m naive
Believe my toughness

I forgive, yes
I never forget

Yeah, a bitch
Only because I know what I want

Child of the universe
I belong nowhere

Beauty is my treasure
Wit is my power

I’m no angel
Just a celestial being with a comforting hug

A good girl wrapped up in a bad girl, or
A bad girl wrapped up in a good girl

Unapologetically me
My true sense of beauty

My heart’s whole existence

Never, ever forget
I am a woman