Free in her wildness
The heroine of your life

Independent will
Deeper instinct

Doubt that I’m naive
Believe my toughness

I forgive, yes
I never forget

Yeah, a bitch
Only because I know what I want

Child of the universe
I belong nowhere

Beauty is my treasure
Wit is my power

I’m no angel
Just a celestial being with a comforting hug

A good girl wrapped up in a bad girl, or
A bad girl wrapped up in a good girl

Unapologetically me
My true sense of beauty

My heart’s whole existence

Never, ever forget
I am a woman




Heart’s pain
Tears reside in my eyes
Joy in your stare
Share with me your smile

Trust again
When the heart begs not to
Fear lingers
After all the crap has gone

Darkness is tough
Dare to be tougher
Hope heals
Dare to love again

A reason to sing
Fly me up to the stars
Keep me so close to you
Your hearbeats, only mine

Vanquish the barrier
Tear down the walls
I built around my heart
Make me believe, try

Souls dance
Hearts kiss
Spirits entwined
It is now, our time to smile



I lost a world
Only heartbeats left
Half alive

A bare soul
Beyond silhouette
Dying each day
Chained heart, wandering
To a path unknown

A door opens
Steps, a little
Squishing, fluttering
Kicking away
Inflicted self idleness

Elegantly choreographed
A change of colour
Burning spark of courage

Fear, never
Deeper the wound
Stronger the rise
Within, is the true power
In the end, I begin