Fragments… Mouthful Rumblings

… hearing another soul ~ whispering to another soul ~ solitude is lost in a big crowd

… stars ~ twinkle and shine ~ without jealousy and indifference to other stars

… you have a new love ~ forgetting fate ~ you’ve just jinxed your soul mate

… who’s Mr. Dreamboy ~ mislead with a smile ~ an untrue promise ~ forgotten

… dreams ~ a geography of possibilities ~ my native land

… life’s miseries ~ either forget everything or remember nothing

… born to be wild ~ born to be free ~ nobody owns me ~ I am a willow tree

… before the first before ~ after the last after ~ there is dawn waiting

… my energy all gone blind ~ it is my mood which decides the weather

… silence echoes in every ray of the sun ~ it melts my heart into humility

… filled with ups and downs ~ there will always be “but,” “if,” & “and,” in a life

… desires grow bigger ~ still not enough ~ to meet the expectations of lost dreams

… life has turned in to a miracle ~ in wind of change ~ I am immortal

… gurus of love ~ no mantras ~ struggles of the heart ~ remain mysterious unanswered questions

… there is no wise or fools ~ existence is not pain ~ every ounce of breath ~ Love, I’ll still exhale



Spirit And Its Mirror

Each hour bursts the spirit’s sleep

Tides polish stones

As winds hollow cliffs

Would you deny them the right to exist?


A human soul devoid of longing

Is a soul deformed

Dark clouds and rain, starless sky

Hell itself


Not to understand or be understood

I feel afflicted

Drag myself around

Although there’s nothing really wrong with me


If thou canst not love, what art thou?

Bear in mind the odd angle

The slant that the rays of love have to take

In order to reach a heart like mine