7/4… Photos And Words By Him, For Me

I stood in the garden tonight,

The sky was cloudy and grey,

It was then I noticed a gap in the greyness,

Where the sky was so blue

And I thought of you.

The flowers smiled and swayed

in the gentle embrace I gave you,

your hair, carefully laid to one side

as I kissed your forehead through

the blue, the oh so blue sky.

As I reached around you and held you tightly

in my smile, the sun came out to play,

The birds began a lullaby and the greyness

faded in the blissful sleep we fell into,

woken only by a kiss. ♥​


In your arms… 

To wake up in your arms

In the warmth of your breathing

Perhaps is the the only thing I need

My heart’s vibration of precise

It is me about you…

Our sunrise

Our sunset

Our twin hearts


In your embrace

I am home​


She smiled outloud
With her eyes
Her lips, her dimples

Spreads from tightly pressed mouth
To her round cheeks
Tied in perky o’er her ears

Touched by genius, by madness, by the devil
Or conspiracy of all these and more
Sunbeams coming from inside her

Try as hard and as long
As you might try, no you couldn’t
Break the spirit of her smile