Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star… A Poem Written By Us, Together.

Twinkle twinkle little star

We watched you grow from shores afar

In our hearts you shine so bright

Our love an everlasting light.

Know this my sweet petal

As long as the moon kisses the stars each night

I will kiss you

As mother nature cherishes the earth for all time

I will cherish you for all eternity

As the beauty of the sunshine morning

Lights each new day

So you will light mine so brightly each day too

I love you as the moon and the stars 

The sun and the seas 

All love each other completely and unconditionally

And I will love you like this forever.

Twinkle, twinkle little star

He’s my dream fulfilled from a far 

I wished and prayed for him quite some time

And suddenly a gift brought thru heart of sighs

Now I’m his, and he is mine

Forever and always our hearts entwined

A love like ours is written in the sky 

Bright and shining, overflowing

Guard it, touch it gently as angels fly 

Twinkle, twinkle little star.

My Lucky Charms

“For a wonderful physical tie binds the parents to the children; and—by some sad, strange irony—it does not bind us children to our parents. For if it did, if we could answer their love not with gratitude but with equal love, life would lose much of its pathos and much of its squalor, and we might be wonderfully happy.” –E.M. Forster

We all do celebrate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day and shower them love in all forms on these special dates, and there are also some of us like me who have Mom’s and Dad’s day, each and every day because they are in our care, and their health is not well. It is not easy, sometimes often than not their needs come first, and your time is no longer yours. You know you’re doing your best, but when you’re alone, and stress gets over you… You also ask yourself, why me? As I grow older, I learned to answer this question with another question… “Why not me?” These 3 words helped me all these years, tho honestly it doesn’t get any easier but in a way, my love for our parents motivated me more. It’s a real huge struggle, but it’s what made me stronger too, and very blessed! One day, I may share my life in a book oopppss, who knows! So I can share how some people and circumstances had tried to really pin me down to the floor (Metaphoric coz you can’t do that to me physically, I’m a big fan of WWE wrestling I know the moves haha, and I’m a heavy oinkie!) Magically when these situations happened and when I’m thinking it’s the end of the line for me, suddenly a certain blessing will come right away to replace whatever was lost, sometimes more than what was expected. That’s how it is, all the time! I am very blessed! And I know why… It’s because of my Lucky Charms! My Mom and my Dad! I love you two sooooo much Mama and Tatay, stay healthy and rocking! Happy Mother’s and Father’s Day to you and… To all children taking care of their parents, and sacrificing even their own happiness, you are heroes too, I know most of you I meet you in the waiting areas of the Hemodialysis Units, in hospital corridors, in Physical Rehab Centers, and all over the places. Let’s celebrate you too, you deserve a tight hug! And to all kids reading this, love your parents. We are lucky we still have them to love, to care for. Some are just holding pictures of theirs, and wishing they are still alive. Do it, before it’s too late.

I Am With You In The Wind, And In The Sunlight… By Graham John Duffy

Check the wind

Feel the breeze that gently blows

On the softness of your cheeks

A kiss released from my lips

That knows no time or space

I am with you in the wind

And in the sunlight

That plays with your hair

In all the moments

You think of me

Until I am there

I am always there

I love you like the moon loves the stars

And shines brighter in their warm light



I love you Mrs Duffy

Bathe me in Manila gold

Where the sun sets in your hair,

The moon sets in my heart

And home is painted sweetly on our souls

It Will Always Be You


If I have a hundred lives

I’ll give it all to you

One life for every time I see your smile,

For every time I feel your touch,

For every time I hear you call my name,

For every time I held your hand,

For every time I stare in your loving eyes,

For every time my skin touches your skin,

For every time I remember the day we said I do,

For every time I taste your lips,

For every time I smell your hair,

For every time I long for you,

For every time we become one,

And for the hundred, million times we say I love you

I will marry you again, 

Again and again.

May it be a hundred lives,

A thousand lifetimes,

It will still be you.

Over and over my soul will only look for you.

It’s you and you,

And only be you.

Happy 2nd Monthsary my husband, I love you forever, Graham John Duffy! ♥

For The Woman I Lovingly Call, My Wife… By Graham John Duffy

There is an ocean

Lying deep in the heart of me

Not everyone sees it

Some stay on its shores

Occasionally dipping their feet to test the water

Others will swim on the surface

Enjoying the warmth of the sun 

But soon leave if the skies are grey

There are the people who have sailed in its seas 

But never left the comfort of their boat 

Never felt the water around them nor drank from its wells

You are the moon who turns my tides

Swims to the deepest depths of the ocean

Caressing the sea bed as if it were your own

Where there is darkness you bring light

Swimming with all the fish in the sea 

Effortlessly and without fear

Loving each one

And dancing in the sun as well as the rain

You are the only one who sets the motion in me 

Free and gently washes all my shores 

With such love and affection

I feel the universe spinning in each other

Great colossal waves of love

That make the planets dance

And the stars radiate in your eyes

For you are me and I am you

We share the same ocean 

And will bathe in each others waters forever

You are my beautiful wife, Alice Mercado Duffy

And I am your husband for all time and space

I will love you truly and completely forever.

I love you… 

I love you… 

In every sunrise 

In every sunset 

In every touch of breeze

In the air that I breathe

You are in me

I am in you.

My smile when I wake up

My only thought as I close my eyes to sleep

Will you ever fathom the depth of love

I have for you?


If you can count the sand in the shore

And the waves that touch its lips.

The sleepless longing of my every dream

The constant yearning my heart can imagine

The emptiness only your love can fill

Yes you

The other half of my heart

The blood that flows to my veins

My only true love.

I love you…

The smile of my sunbeams

My clear blue sky

My sunrise and my sunset

The breath that keeps me alive

You are in me

I am in you, forever.